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What is Dino Batter?

In a time where dinosaurs chilled at the beach, one dinosaur and his best friend, a flamingo, must beat back the invading meteor menace.

Earth is inhabited by dinosaurs who have evolved to a utopian society, but just as someone is about the break out the Dinoritas, meteors from deep space strike earth. These meteors are looking for a new place to relax, and earth's white sandy beaches seem like the perfect spot.

Dino Batter is a Third Person deflection based action game. You play as Danny, a dinosaur whose best friend is Pete, a flamingo. When Meteors fire at you, you use Pete as a bat to deflect their shots right back at them (Don’t worry, Pete’s pretty cool about the whole thing).

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Gannon Faust Jaspering

Creator, Project Lead, Lead Artist, Lead Environment artist, Game Designer.
Roles also include, Concept Artist, Animator, Rigger, UI Design, Set Dresser, Character Artist.

As a 3D artist I loves to create hand painted textures for cartoony environments and characters.

I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and is currently living in Savannah, Georgia with my wonderful wife and tiny dog.

Edil Ostolaza

Lead Programmer, Game Designer.
Roles also include: UI Designer, Shader/Particle Artist.

I have experience with several programming languages, and very proficient in using Processing, JavaScript and HTML.

I have worked on more than 3 game prototypes in the past year, including Global Game Jam Participant "There's A Martini at The End" and am currently working on a 2.5D platformer.

Brieana Hobert

Lead Character Artist.
Roles also include: Concept Artist.

I have always been passionate with art, creating art for both game and film industries.

My favourite hobby is to create concepts of aliens, and creatures. I also likes to make environments, props, and weapons. On the side I also have experience in traditional drawing, 2D painting, and logo design.

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